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A Word from our Founder

Hi friends! I’m Ash and I’ve always wanted to escape the corporate rat race and start my own business one day. So when the opportunity came by to start my own F&B business, I did. Despite being successful in my endeavour, I ended up being extremely tired and stressed out. This was due to the immense time and effort required to manage all day-to-day business operations, manpower issues and administrative duties that came along with running your own business - it was probably more demanding than my 9-to-5 job despite accomplishing a dream.


As all of my time was largely spent on my business, there were little time left over for my family and myself. I was dissatisfied with my current way of life despite achieving a lifelong dream. I felt trapped - There must be some other way.


When I discovered earning a 2nd income through Forex, proven strategies, and started making adequate returns, I realised that it was THE ANSWER! Eventually, I closed my business operations since I just needed to spend a couple of hours each day to earn enough for my family. Alas! I am finally living the dream - having enough finances and time freedom to spend quality moments with the people I love. I believe with all my heart that anyone armed with the correct fundamentals and proper training, can improve their lives through Forex. At WCA, will aim to impact people from all walks of life and equip them with a solid foundation of character, knowledge and proven strategies that work!


So take charge of your life, take action now and join us in this exciting journey to financial success!



To your dreams and aspirations,

Ashhari Saffei

Founder, Wealth Creation Academy

Real People, Real Success...  Our People Speak!

Achieved Time and Financial Freedom

With the increasing cost of living , most people would work overtime or a part-time job, sacrificing family time with loved ones. Forex has changed my life totally. My working hours are set by myself so I can spend more time with my family. I have attained time and financial freedom.

Mohamed Faizzulfadhly

Full-Time WCA Director / Forex Trader

Succeeded with Effective Mentoring & Coaching

I’ve joined WCA 4 months ago and I personally recommend others to join this academy.because the mentors and coaches here show results and not empty promises. By my third month with WCA, I was able to double my demo account.


Aircraft Technician

Making Profits!

My wife and myself have this common belief - Investment is the way! We are very thankful to come in close contact with WCA. Besides teaching us a lifelong skill, WCA’s dedicated coaches have spent extra time guiding us when needs arise. Truly, this is not happening in other Academies. Here, mentors have a heart for students. After prudent trading for a few months, we are beginning to reap profits and see the possibility of our early retirement. Our heartfelt thanks to WCA!


Wei & Huang Lin

Marketing Mgr & Consultant


Get Started in your Forex journey with ZERO Knowledge and Technical Knowledge


Learn how to trade simply and effectively with little need for time-consuming research


Benefit from small group classes with ample attention for each student with our mentors


Benefit from post-course mentoring sessions and chat groups to sharpen your skills [2]


Make money immediately with our “Earn-As-You-Learn” copy trading program [1]


Affordable Course with a $500 USD Rebate [2]


Great Value with 1-Day Full Course + 6 Workshops


Live notification alerts for trading signals [2] [3]


24-hour support Monday to Friday [2] [3]


[1] Copytrade Accounts are opened in the applicant’s name. Profits are shared 70% to the applicant and 30% to WCA. Profits are estimated at 3-5% of invested capital per month.
[2] Applicable after paying to WCA a course fee of SGD 2500.

[3] Notifications and support for a duration of 2 years.



3-hour training session

• Introduction to Forex

• MetaTrader 4 installation

• Live chart trading with students

• Free trial trading signal alerts for 1 month



A Word from your Trainer

Abdul Mulatiff

International Forex Mentor

Hi friends!

I’m Latiff, and I’m an International Forex Mentor who have trained and impacted people from all walks of life from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Many people from diverse backgrounds such as home-makers, young working adults, professionals from the financial industry, even the elderly, are now successful traders - generating a second source of income through Forex Trading - many of whom have no prior knowledge of trading at all! As a simple local boy armed with only two ‘O’ level passes, I believe that anyone can do well and succeed in life.


I am now living my dream and I believe that you can too, as I have been there! I have wonderful life’s stories and experiences to share and of course, effective Forex trading skills to impart to others. I would very much like to meet you in our Forex Basics Course so take action now and join us!


To the possiblitites!



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